Office And Field Collaboration.

Office And Field Collaboration.



Builderbox is a Cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform. This means access from anywhere, anytime, and that includes from any mobile device, with no apps to download, maintain, or upgrade. Regardless of your prefered mobile platform, Builderbox makes use of your device’s built in features, such as Voice Dictation, Geolocation, Camera, and more, so the way you interact with Builderbox on your device will be familiar to you with no need to learn anything new.


At the heart of the Builderbox collaboration features is the ability to add your feedback to any project activity by commenting on it. Conversations about specific issues stay with the issue itself, with no need to manually archive emails or other messages. In fact, if used to the fullest, teams can virtually eliminate the reliance on email as a means of communicating. Builderbox takes care of archiving and categorizing all conversations, and places time-stamp and author information on every comment.


Involving others is easy with Builderbox. Familiar Social Media-like behaviours work in most text fields in Builderbox. For instance, typing “@” followed by a person’s name, will include that person in the conversation, and notify them that they have been mentioned. A list of names even pops up as you type, so you don’t have to worry about correct spelling of a name, as you will be able to pick it from a list.

Notifications & Reminders

Builderbox includes a robust Notification and Reminder system. Whenever an item is assigned to a Builderbox user, the system generates a Notification. How you recieve notifications is up to you. Instantly, at the end of the day, only when you log in. You have complete control. You can also choose to get a Reminder of upcoming tasks and give yourself a buffer to get the work accomplished.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream in Builderbox gives you a chronological snapshot of all project activity. In real-time. The Activity Stream is dependent on user settings, so you can rest assured that users will see only that activity they have permission to see according to their specific contractual relationship. Users can comment on any activity they see, or they can choose to Follow items so they will get Notified of any further activity on that particular item.

Document Timeline

How do you keep a paper trail when you use no paper? Builderbox documents, such as RFIs, Submittals, and more, all include a timeline of any activity. This timeline clearly illustrates which user did what, and when, by tracking login and time-stamp information. Documents for which an automated workflow has been assigned, have an additional, graphical representation of the approval chain.

File Sharing

Construction projects rely on a lot of files. With Builderbox you can easily create a folder structure in the Cloud, and share files with other users. Of course, you have complete control of who you give access to your files, and Builderbox takes care of version control to make sure you are looking at the latest file. The system also tracks any access to the files, so you know when someone has viewed or downloaded a file.


Integrate with the cloud services and apps that you love. Builderbox offers a wide range of integrations out of the box. The Builderbox API platform makes it super easy to build your own solutions on top of the Builderbox platform.


We understand that complex projects are made up of many parallel threads of information. With Builderbox groups you can create a separate timeline for specific conversations and files. Groups are useful to track isolated issues that need a lot of collaboration.

Here are Some Use Cases

Builderbox improves collaboration by engaging project stakeholders.

Keep everyone on the same page

Unlike using email to communicate, with the Activity Stream, your project teams have a constant visibility into project activity. If someone on your team has knowledge to contribute to an issue, they can easily comment and become part of the conversation. By using mentions, your team can involve one another and stay engaged in the conversation helping everyone become a more unified team. Powerful search features mean that any past activity can be found easily. It’s like a search engine for your project data.

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Easily share project information

There are many ways to share digital data, but most rely on either duplicating files, or using outside systems where your data is no longer part of the project record. The built in Plan Room and File Cloud features in Builderbox have been carefully designed to provide a place to store and share both formal documentation, and supporting files to the project. User access control, version control, activity tracking, and other features make Builderbox a powerful tool for consolidating, storing, and sharing project files. From the first Letter of Intent to the largest BIM file. Builderbox also integrates seamlessly with many other platforms to extend functionality, or to integrate into your existing enterprise systems. From additional file management, to drawing markup, and model viewers, Builderbox can talk to your favorite tools.

Collaborate while on the go

Builderbox mobile access on any device makes it easy for you to stay engaged from wherever you are. Check in with status updates on the Activity Stream or comment on any activity you see. You can include photos, sound recordings, and even video to your updates and comments, making it easy to get your point across.

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Quickly solve complex problems using a strong feedback loop

Builderbox makes it easier than ever to communicate effectively with your project team. This means more communication, more often. Not having to manually archive emails or other means of communicating, frees your team to focus on content, and can try many more variations on a solution.

Establish informal channels of communication

Complex construction projects require lots of communication, but that does not mean that everything said needs to become part of a contract. In fact, it is a common problem. How do you have an informal communication while discussing a solution to an issue? Many teams revert to being a vague as possible and try not to say anything that can cause any liability. At Builderbox we have thought a lot about this issue, and have created comment threads to most documents in the system as a means to carry out conversations necessary to solving complex issues. The comment thread stays with the document, so it is easily referenced by anybody participating in the conversation, but they are clearly not the formal answer. This information becomes the CONTEXT to every decision, effectively turning just DATA into KNOWLEDGE.

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