Egnyte + Builderbox

Bring The Power of Cloud Computing To Your Construction Projects

Power up your productivity with Egnyte integration in Builderbox.

Here is how it works.

Easily Connect Office to Field

Seamlessly share information between the office and the field with Builderbox. Any information created in the Desktop is instantly available in the Cloud, meaning access from anywhere. Capture field information with the Builderbox Daily Journal module and report of job progress in real time. There is no duplication of work or the need to maintain paper copies.

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Access Project Information On the Go

Cloud computing means Anywhere Access, on any computer, or any device, with nothing to download, and no files to duplicate on USB drives. Whether it is working from home, your favorite coffee shop, or out at a remote job site, you have secure, reliable access to your project data. The powerful mobile features in Builderbox give you access to Quality Control and Punch List, Checklists, Drawings and Specs, and more right on your phone or tablet.

Get Realtime Feedback From Your Project Team

Being connected to a Cloud Platform means that the data is available as it is created. Reports and Dashboards both pull from the latest information available right as you create them, and our real-time logs show exactly what is current. Use our RFI and Submittal logs to discuss open items in an OAC meeting without having to create a report ahead of time. Any activity that happens while you are heading to the meeting shows up in the log so you don’t spend valuable time discussing outdated information.

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Always Build From the Most Up To Date Project Information

While you focus on your project, let Builderbox handle version control, and ensure you always have the latest information. Drawings and documents all carry a revision history so you can see what had been previously discussed. If any document needs to revert back to a previous version, simply promote it to become current. There is no more need to rename files and try to guess which version is the correct one.

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