Improve Quality Control And Streamline The Punch List Process With Builderbox Job Walk

Improve Quality Control And Streamline The Punch List Process With Builderbox Job Walk

Quality Control at Your Fingertips

Real Time Quality Control

The Job Walk feature of Builderbox provides a tool to capture Quality Control information any time, right on your favorite mobile device. There is no need to go back to the job office and find your tablet, just pull out your phone and capture any issues you find, as you find them. Invite designers and owners to use Builderbox during their site visits and Punch List as you go for faster closeout and turnover.


The Social Collaboration tools in Builderbox keep your team in the loop. Add Followers to your Punch List entries so they can stay informed, and Follow others’ items that you want to keep an eye on. Every entry has it’s own comment thread where you can discuss the best way to solve the issue, and the collective knowledge you generate can be easily searched later on to mine Lessons Learned.


Assign responsibility for Quality deficiencies right as you capture the item. You can select an individual, or a company as being responsible for fixing the problem. Builderbox takes care of notifying the responsible party of the issue, and of course, any detail you include: notes, photos, voice recordings, video, is available to them so they clearly understand the issue.

Real Time Reporting

As you and your team capture Quality Control issues with Builderbox, the Job Walk module presents a real-time log of all the issues on the project. Sort and categorize the data however you need it to examine the Quality performance of each subcontractor, or evaluate response time. Open the Job Walk log during OAC meetings to discuss progress as it stands at that very moment, not where the job was yesterday.


Get a visual representation of performance on your projects with the integrated Dashboards in Buiderbox. A pie chart of open vs. resolved issues provides insight at a glance, and you can Dashboard data at the Project, Program, or Company level, giving the C-Suite a top down overview of project health across the entire project portfolio.

Voice Dictation

Typing on a small form factor screen can be challenging, so leverage the built-in features of your mobile device, such as Voice Dictation, to enter information hands-free. In noisy or hazardous environments you can also make an audio recording, which you can leave as-is, or choose to transcribe later.

Sample Use Cases

With better tools come better processes. Improve your outcomes by taking advantage of what Builderbox can do for your team.

Digitize Your Punch Listing Process

No more paper notes. The days of taking down notes in the field by hand and going back to the office or trailer to compile a report are over. Builderbox Job Walk puts Quality Control right in your pocket. Issues often come up when you least expect them, and you don’t always want to go back to the trailer to get your notepad or tablet device, but chances are you have your phone with you. This translates into doing Quality Control more often, in fact, anytime it is needed. Not being constrained to the weekly walkthru, teams can document and correct issues as they see them, keeping everybody in the loop, and involving anybody that needs to participate. This real-time Quality Control as you go is the key to a Zero Punch List turnover.

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Make Data Driven Decisions

With powerful reporting features, and flexible dashboards, Builderbox lets you drill down into the data to get at the root cause of Quality issues on your project. Evaluate subcontractor performance and response time so you know who you need to put your focus on to ensure a successful outcome. Builderbox makes it easy to find information on past issues, and see a detailed trail of documentation around each issue so that when problems do arise, they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Deliver Customer Satisfaction

Builderbox is a people-centric platform. By inviting your design team and owners to participate in the process, they will feel far more engaged and will appreciate the transparency into the process. In addition, the improved Quality Control program you can run with Builderbox will help you deliver a higher quality product to your clients, a key to repeat business.

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