Bring Your Office to the Jobsite with Builderbox Productivity and Project Management Apps

Bring Your Office to the Jobsite with Builderbox Productivity and Project Management Apps

Easy to Use Mobile Apps for Your Project Teams

Punch Lists

Take Builderbox along with you on your Job Walk to capture field conditions. Quickly document and annotate any issue that does not meet quality standards, and assign a responsible party for fixing the issue as well as a due-by date. Include pictures, voice notes, and even video to illustrate the issue clearly.

Audits & Inspections

Formal inspections are a part of every project. Standardize your inspections with the Builderbox Auditor. The Auditor is perfect for Safety Inspections, Commissioning, Wall Closure sign-off, and anything else you use a checklist for. Chose any of our standard templates, or create your own with the built-in Template Designer.

Daily Journals

Logging and Reporting field activity is the key to staying on track. The mobile Daily Journal in Builderbox let’s your crews log their work with a tool they already carry in their pocket: Their favorite mobile device. With over a dozen standard Journal categories, capture anything from a Call or Visitor to an Equipment delivery.

Plan Room

Builderbox gives you quick and easy access to your project’s plans with the Mobile Plan Room. Easily upload and manage PDF Drawings, Specifications, Sketches, and more on the desktop application, and they become available in the field thru your favorite Mobile Device.

Satus Updates

Keep everybody informed with Status Updates in the Builderbox Activity Stream. Automatically generate notifications for those you choose to include in your Update, and add Photos, Voice Notes, and even Video with your Updates. Comment on Status Updates by others, and make your conversation part of the project record.

Project Timeline

The Activity Stream shows a running log of all activity on the project for up-to-the-minute information. Follow any item you choose and get notified of any activity on that item. Include your comments so the project can benefit from your knowledge on the subject.Role based security settings ensure that the Activity Stream only shows data each user is entitled to view and give you complete control over what your team members see.

Securely Access Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Builderbox mobile apps make it super easy to get you access to the latest and greatest information on the go.

Eliminate Paper Work

There is no doubt that a construction project generates a lot of paperwork. From notes, to daily reports, to sketches and design clarifications. Builderbox will greatly reduce your reliance on paper by providing you with a way to capture information on a device you always carry. Take our Auditor for instance. Rather than maintaining a set of paper lists on clipboards to fill out manually, you can carry with you a virtually unlimited number of customized templates in your phone. Rather than returning to the job trailer and loading yourself with clipboards, seamlessly transition from one task to the next by calling up the desired template and going down the checklist. You can even include a signature block in your template, and gather someone’s signature easily by having them sign with their finger on your phone. If you find a condition that needs to be worked on, you can elevate any checklist item to become a Job Walk item right from your device. No need to make a note and enter it later into another system.

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Reduce Duplication of Data Entry

Duplicate data entry seems to be a required rite of passage for many a young Project Engineer. Often it seems that we place another PE on the job just to take care of this arduous task. With Builderbox, being a system of record, there is no duplication of work. Data entered on a mobile device is instantly available everywhere else in the platform. The Daily Journal features give your field crews an easy to use and efficient way to capture field data electronically, so your PEs can focus on preparing upcoming tasks rather than transcribing field notes all day.

Produce Reports on the Go

With Builderbox, you can easily share reports with others on the go. All your data is processed in real time to produce the reports using default reporting templates. Increased transparency enhances team collaboration, and improves the overall outcome. And of course, staying in the loop makes for a happier client.

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