Improve Your Processes with Builderbox Auditor

Improve Your Processes with Builderbox Auditor



The Checklist Templates in Builderbox Auditor let you create, share, and standardize checklists across your projects. Use the Template Designer to add Text fields, Custom Drop Down lists, Pass/Fail questions, and even Signature Blocks. If you use a checklist for it, you can create a template for it. Safety inspections, commissioning, wall closure, even concrete pour sequences.


A Checklist is no good if you don’t have it with you. Builderbox Auditor works on your favorite mobile device with nothing to download and maintain. Make use of your phone’s built-in features, such as voice dictation, or the camera, to add notes, photos, voice recordings, and even video, to document any checklist item.

Analytics & Reporting

Mine your data for trends and risk factors so you can anticipate corrective action, rather than react. You can look at your data across one project, a program, and even your entire company to get a clear picture. Easily create reports of your checklist results and performance to communicate with your team where improvement needs to occur, or to share with owners or executive teams.

Issue Tracking

Extend the functionality of your inspections with the ability to promote any checklist item to become a Job Walk enabling you to assign responsibility and timeframe for correcting the issue, and track on the progress of that work.

Digital Signatures

Builderbox tracks all user activity based on login, so it knows who has done what. Every approval, comment, or other activity is time-stamped and digitally signed so you can keep your team accountable and you have an easy to share record of all activity. You can also have people sign audit and inspection checklists using the touch technology based signature panel on your mobile devices.


Create checklists that work for you. With Builderbox Auditor you can create exactly what you need, following your current process standards, and developing new ones.

Here are Some Use Cases

Builderbox has solutions for the entire project team and is modular so you can focus on what is important to you.

Standardize Your Safety Management Process

Safety is at the top of the list of priorities, and creating an effective safety culture starts with good communication and standard expectations. When you want to formalize the Safety inspection process, use the Builderbox Auditor to create standard templates, and publish them to all your projects. Safety teams can pull up these templates on their mobile phone and perform inspections following a standard set of questions so that nothing is missed.

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Put Reporting on Autopilot

Builderbox handles the reporting of any data in the system, so there is no duplicate entry of data once your team comes in from the field.

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